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Fully computerized digital network VVVF passenger elevator

Energy Saver

Imported from Japan, world advanced 32-bit dual-CPU microprocessor, high-performance vector control inverter, to save energy by 50%.

Safe and reliable

Imported from Japan, the world's most advanced computer digital network serial communication frequency conversion vector technology to ensure safer, more comfortable and more reliable residential elevators running.

Comfortable and smooth

Extreme humanized elevators lift running speed curve, precision and accurate adjustment under vector control, so that the lift elevators runs extremely smooth, quiet and comfortable.

User-friendly design

Multifunction LCD display, 6-inch touch colored Chinese interface, make safe operation of the  residential elevators become completely transparent, everyone can understand, and all risks can be quickly identified.

High starting point, high-quality

Investment of world's most advanced high-tech and high-quality imported components makes the lift elevators enjoy absolute quality assurance. Use today's money to purchase today’s technology.

Highly integrated modular I / 0 base board

Japan's advanced I/0 board completely eliminates data loss in the network, to ensure safe and reliable communication quality, ensure foolproof elevators lift commands.

Noble and elegant

Extensive use of Japanese most advanced high-tech materials and the most advanced technology, combined with elegant and novel design, matched with bright colors to coordinate buildings environment, creating a user-friendly environment to enhance the beauty of space.

Convenient maintenance

Extremely high-tech energies, the module structure endows residential elevators  with extremely convenient, simple maintenance.

Scope of application

Perfect ideal product suitable for low, medium and high-rise elevators, with speed lower than 7.0 / s, eight units of group controls for less than 64-storey buildings.

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